Psylium Bread

The original recipe suggests that you should mix the psylium with water first and let it swell up before mixing with the other ingredients. I've tried this way, and using a typical 'all in one' method, and found little difference in the results.


The end result is more like cake than bread, at least in texture. It has a slight coconut flavour (although not in a bad way) but it does mean that it's better either just with butter, or with butter and something sweet rather than savoury. I've tried with cheese (not great), with jam/marmalade (very nice) and with a sweetish soup, which was also OK.


I'd recommend making half the amount (unless there's a few people around to eat it) as you really shouldn't eat too much. The psylium is so high in fibre you end up visiting the toilet quite a lot unless you eat very small amounts!

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