Unless it's something I've come up with, I'll link directly to the original recipe if it's online (although I might provide a few note on variations or reducing the amount of something). However, some recipes come from books, so I'll link to the book in that case.


I'll also add pictures where I've made the recipe and had a camera handy (although I've always got some sort of camera handy, so it'll probably be a case of laziness more than anything else...)


Keto Pancakes/Waffles




I've never made these as waffles (I don't have a waffle maker - surprise, surprise) but they're lovely as a an American/Scotch pancake equivalent.


Probably worth reading my notes on this one!



Chocolate Grain Free Granola




Breakfasts are tricky, so this and the Keto Pancakes have become my staple recently. 


Link to my notes




Psylium Bread




One of a number of good grain free bread recipes. Don't eat too much of this as it'll almost certainly result in a lot of trips to the toilet. You have been warned!


Link to my notes




Avocado Chocolate Pudding




This started with a recipe I found online (don't know where - sorry!) and it has gradually metamorphed into a variation that is nicer, both in terms of flavour and texture.



Smoky Sausage Casserole


One of my spontaneous creations. Not particularly inventive, but a nice option to microwave at work. Especially now it's winter.


Link to my recipe


Sugar/Grain Free Granola Bars


Another Ditch the Carbs recipe. I topped mine with home-made chocolate, mostly because I didn't put enough sweetener in the actual bars.




Cheesy Kale Chips


Recipe courtesy of an ultrarunner I admire greatly - Timothy Olson.


I never thought I'd say this, but Kale is gradually winning me over.




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