'Slow Burn' and the Maffetone Method

After reading 'Natural Born Heroes' I was especially taken by a lot of the endurance related information contained within the book, particularly relating to two related topics: -

  • Increasing endurance by burning more fat
  • Running faster by training slower

These two are inextricably linked, even if at first it doesn't seem that way. More on that later, as my first stop after reading 'Natural Born Heroes' was to buy a couple of the following book: -


'Slow Burn', by Stu Mittleman, is based on the ideas contained within Maffetone method, specifically: -


  • Training within your 'fat burning zone' so that your body is utilising fat more, and carbohydrates less
  • Altering your diet to increase the amount of fats and decrease the amount of carbohydrates, to further adapt your body to fat burning

'The Maffetone Method', by Dr. Philip Maffetone is a book I haven't read (but ought to) but I have used his website extensively: -


Phil Maffetone's Website

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